Tom Peruzzi's thoughts on digital, innovation, IT and operations


This is my – Tom Peruzzi’s – private view based on my expertise and experience. I acted as a founder of an IT consulting company called aicooma (  for IT operations topics in the fields of datacenter, IT organisation and it services and we do a lot of stuff for the times market in Europe. Now I do act as an advisor to enterpreneurs, mini angel and as an interims CTO. My current areas of interest are Internet-of-Things and Big-Data (sounds boring as all move in that direction but I follow that scene for quite a while).

I started by writing about failures seen at companies we work for. After a while I switched more and more to either generic failures, failures seen in the market or in general behaviour and still some failures I was directly in.

Still, these are my private thoughts on those issues and I’m very happy that my job allows me to do a lot of assessment and doing a lot of indirect stuff so I’m mainly not within the epic center of such failures but I have a very comfortable seat to sit and look what’s happening.

If you ever want to contact me got to my twitter ( or xing/linked/facebook account (just search for my name). I would be very happy to get in discussion with you!


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