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Dublin Websummit – Review

Posted in startup failures by opstakes on November 6, 2015

I was on websummit and pioneers festival in 2014 and did some comparison about those 2 last year. Even if I truly considered not going there again it somehow happened, that’s my personal review of summit2015:

  • around 30k people is a lot, infrastructure was bad last year and didn’t become better over the year
  • a mobile app enforcing social interaction is a good idea but doing so the wifi should be really good
    • wifi was as bad as 2014
    • no wifi coverage beween buildings and in the food court area
  • more summits than ever
  • an angel summit the day before
  • the concept of allowing startups to show their portfolio/potential for one day stayd the same
  • what really drove me crazy was the fact that you had to pay a 20 Euro extra for food, which didn’t include a desert at day 1 (changed the second day). Still, a yogurt, a bottle of water and an original Irsish Hot-Dog for 20 Euros is way too much.

The first impression was fully blown away. There was simply no way to go through an area with an Investor badge without having seen minimum 5 business cases 🙂 They really liked to engage, saying no to e-commerce didn’t stop them showing their hyper-cool shop.

Interaction at all levels. As meeting possibilities were as rare as last year people met all over the place, you could listen to business-case internals, numbers and pitching strategies even on the restroom. Summits as far as I have seen attracted a huge amount of people, some where as fulll as last time or even worse. The better/ the more known the speaker, the faster you had to get in.

My first impression after day1 was a smart “F*ck”, I really considered not going there the second day. My final thought after 2 1/2 days is:

  • If you are a young startup still in finding your mode go there, talk to as many as you can
  • If you are a startup, be there for one day at a mini-booth, take enough food and beverage with you, you don’t have any time to go off
  • If you are a Product Manager, VC, Angel: use it for trend scouting, really useful and much better than google queries

Will I be there next year in Lissabon? Potentially yes, as a few of the companies I advise potentially will have their booth for one day. And yes, for trendscouting in 2016.

Btw: have a look what Felicity wrote about the event, really worth reading!

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websummit vs. pioneers

Posted in general by opstakes on November 24, 2014

Dear all

I will more and more use this blog to not only write about operational issues but more and more about what I’m doing and why and what my experiences are … here my first “new” post about websummit vs. pioneers which I originally posted on facebook:

I was asked by several people in the last few days what the better event may be and I truly struggled to really compare, but here are my hints and assumptions. I was on both meetings mainly in supporting in my role as board member and on behalf of my owns business:

  • Pioneers is much more strucutured and organised
  • Websummit are way more people trying to speed date for business
  • Pioneers offers more and easier accessible info upfront
  • Pioneers is more condensed and private during day, no long walks for lunch needed
  • Websummit offers tons of chances to have fun in the evening, pubs were overcrowded and really good atmosphere in the city centre
  • Possibilities and places to meet people are much better at pioneers
  • The massive crowd leads to long waiting for registration, lunch and a lot places were overcrowded thus no chance to participate at websummit
  • It depends on how you organise yourself but the permanent change of booth owners on daily basis made it somehow hard to get in touch at later stage
  • Wifi was crappy at websummit same for gsm, lost some meetings due to loss of communication
  • Pioneers is a real festival with spirit, websummit is a perfect marketing business with lots of people with the ability to connect adhoc
  • Websummit seems to have more international speakers

Now the most interesting, I had the chance to step into four more high quality meetings at pioneers but 17 more adhoc at websummit and it seems like the more international you want to be the better is websummit (the more you want to go east the better is pioneers). Time will show which contacts evolved better …

Conclusio: there is no better and no either-or, it needs both of them. I personally prefer pioneers over summit, that’s s all.


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