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Threaten Business

Posted in financial, general failures by opstakes on March 24, 2010

I still wonder why so many IT people do argue that they talk to business, involve the business and respond to the business but if you ask them how and how often, you get no concrete answer.

Currently I got a query of a colleague asking me why IT isn’t interested in getting direct involvement via a project steering board from the business. The IT directors are part of an internal change project leading to better response times, lean IT and massive cost reduction. Those are all business related values and if business is neither involved nor partnering the project nobody will ever know what happened to the project!

The way to a good understanding of both sides is a long and stony way. Both sides have to learn to talk to each other, get understanding for their situation and their attitudes and behaviour. The goal is to convert the business culture and IT culture to a corporate culture. Sounds easy? Isn’t it: potentially tons of arguments will stress, disrupt or even destroy that idea, plenty of (personal) interests will have to be aligned with the business idea itself. IT has to understand that business should be a partner and sponsor, business has to understand that it needs a strong IT.

So stop living beneath within the building!


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