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Posted in general failures, KnowHow, startup failures, technical by opstakes on July 20, 2010

I stop writing about operational failures only, potentially this blog will go on to write about “hot” topics within IT operations. It will still stay focused on operations, as I am an ops guy.

Good reason for telling, why I stopped writing for the last weeks: I wondered where cloud computing will go to!

We do quite a lot of different cloud projects and right now it seems that either there is no space left to deal with clouds or on the other hand side there is still a lack of experience out there on all sides of business. This is just a short draft about my ongoing thoughts, discussion welcome!

Cloud topics on business side:

why do we still believe, that it is as easy as writtin in the prospect? Haven’t we learned from all former proposed functionality? Yepp there is high potential to get it done and delivered in a smarter and more cost sensitive way, but at what risk and cost? And how does operations look like afterwards?

Cloud topics on IT side:

Clouds is nothing we can pass by. Clouds have to be worked with, IT has to understand pros and cons of clouds and how to live with them for the next decade. Clouds are neither friends nor enemies, they are a new way of delivering services to customers, more service based than ever before. Clouds are not VMWare and are not xen or kvm, clouds are a business case thou IT has to understand business and business methodology otherwise they will deliver virtualization. Not bad at all but only a few percent of cloud power.

As IT I would strongly recommend not to put to much pressure on compliance, legal and data security. There exist several organisations covering that topic and it is max. a question of weeks or months to get it fully done. Secondly there are already SAS70 ready solutions out there and other standards are met too, if you cover that topic it is OK, cause it is a risk, but nothing more. Using compliance as IT against cloud will mark you as the one securing your own office place …

Cloud topics on operations side:

clouds mean to no longer be the prime operations partner. To be honest, then thinking about all the complexity getting more and more clouds can even help you reducing YOUR complexity and getting things done. Yeah, number of systems will potentially go down, lot will be delivered out of cloud, partly you will act as an cloud offer. BUT, this is good news, you can transform yourself from an 24/7 operator to a platform architect handling tons of tons of tons of different systems without dealing with the day2day problems, they are within the cloud handeled by others 🙂

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