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I do not like requirements engineering

Posted in startup failures by opstakes on October 4, 2010

What’s the worst? An organization not keeping in sync. Means that if you make a decision it should be a viable and livable decision supported by you and the management and it should not be the opposite by tomorrow.
Organizations not relying on their own decisions tend to implement requirement engineering as a method to support their day-changing decision flipflops. This leads to not usable requirements supporting the political situation of today, not the strategic or tactical direction the company should go to.
If you believe in decisions and if you believe in requirements you will have a good, feasible and cost/usage driven process.
Next you will have enough management support to get good requirements out of your organization. I would strongly recommend to either differ between functional and non-functional requirements, sort them by company, division, deparmental interests and ask whether they are requirements, needs or expectations and whether those are valid for now or for 12 or 24 months.
If doing so you start moving your organization from a decision driven (“we need a new datacenter”) to a requirements driven (“we need additional space based on the current capacity plan and current architecture”).
A last short tip for your beginning: Start with KO criterias only, nothing more and if you start with those and if it is established you will be able to get into deeper requirements processing soon.


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